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Over the past month, I’ve shared some of my favorite ways for us moms to make a little extra income. I’m super excited to share this next opportunity with you, because it allows you to go shopping! That’s right, you can go shopping (for things like high-end beauty products!), and get compensated, too. How, you ask?


Let me tell you about BestMark.


Bestmark Mystery Shopping


What is BestMark?


BestMark is one of the nation’s largest customer experience measurement and mystery shopping companies, and their clients represent some of the most innovative and successful customer-focused organizations in the world. Currently, they have about 300,000 mystery shoppers in over 15,000 cities and towns in the United States and Canada. They are continuously looking for fresh perspectives to evaluate customer experiences at various establishments. That means that they are looking for talented people like YOU to shop at various stores and restaurants and share their experiences.


Why is it awesome?


Why is this a great option for moms? I like it because it allows you to earn some extra income, but you can work it into your schedule. You can choose as many or as few shops as you want, based on your interest, schedule, shop availability, and what you are eligible for. BestMark has opportunities for secret shopping in a variety of industries, including restaurants, retail stores, hotels, casinos, pharmaceutical companies, automotive companies, and high-end make-up. Here in Indianapolis there are currently high-end make-up and automotive shops available!  Getting paid to shop for make-up sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?


Bestmark Mystery Shopping


I know that a concern with secret shopper programs is whether or not they are legitimate. BestMark Mystery Shopping has a great reputation, including an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They are also registered with the MSPA, which is a regulatory association for the mystery shopping industry. BestMark is a company with a great reputation that provides great opportunities for extra income.


Want to try it out for yourself?


Are you interested in working with BestMark as a secret shopper? Check out their website to learn more and to sign up. You can also follow Bestmark on Facebook and Twitter.


I know that a lot of you out there consider shopping to be a special talent you possess, so put it to good use and earn some extra money while you’re doing it! It’s a win-win!


Now get out there and shop!