We read a lot of books in our home, but there are a few books that get read over and over again. The books of Mo Willems probably top that list. Willems has a knack for writing creative children’s books that are fun for both kids and parents alike. Our boys adore the Pigeon, Leonardo, Knuffle Bunny, and all the other lovable characters Willems has created.

When I started thinking about Christmas, I put several of Willems’ books on the boys’ gift list – and then I started to wonder if there were any other items available based on Willems characters. I was excited to find a wide array of gifts for kids, and I wanted to share my favorites with you. If you have a Mo fan, he or she will love these gifts. If you don’t know about Mo – consider picking up some of his books to read with your kids.


5 Great Mo Willems Gifts for Your Kids

5 Great Mo Willems Gifts for Your Kids

Don’t Let the Pigeon Finish This Activity Book! – This adorable activity book is based on Willems’ popular Pigeon series of books. Even though it is an activity book, it follows a plot line, and it’s so much more than just coloring. There are puppets to cut out and color, games, and reading activities. This activity book is appropriate for kids ages 3 to 8.

Plush Stuffed Pigeon – Did I mention the Pigeon is my favorite character? If you or your child are Pigeon-lovers, you’ll definitely want this plush Pigeon. He even talks! I’d like to buy this for my sons – but I’d be too tempted to keep it for myself. And if I buy it for myself, my kids will just take it. I think I need two pigeons.

Leonardo the Terrible Monster Puppet – I am the biggest Pigeon fan in the house, but my boys’ favorite Mo Willems character is Leonardo. The look through this book together and just cackle with laughter at the illustrations of Leonardo trying to be scary. This is a definite Christmas purchase for us.

Pigeon Colorforms – Remember Colorforms? I LOVED these things when I was a kid, and I may have let out a little shriek of glee when I discovered that they are still around. This set of Pigeon Colorforms is a very affordable gift for any Mo Willems fan. We’ll be purchasing this one for Christmas as well.

Mo Willems Pigeon and Pals: Complete Cartoon Collection Volumes 1 and 2 – Cartoon versions of Mo Willems most popular characters and stories. This set features Pigeon, Knuffle Bunny, Leonardo, and Naked Mole Rat. We’ve read all of these stories and loved them, so I can’t wait for my boys to see them come to life on DVD. The special features include an interview with Mo and a trip that Mo and Pigeon take to a school.