Last month I had the awesome privilege of attending the Indianapolis Colts first pre-season game.


Go Colts!


It was my first trip to Lucas Oil Stadium, and I was blown away by what a great facility it is. The roof was open and the gorgeous summer sun poured in. It’s impossible not to be drawn in to the atmosphere there; even though it was a pre-season game the fans were excited and the stadium was brimming with energy. Everyone was so excited for the return of football to Indianapolis.


Lucas Oil Stadium Roof


The other thing I was impressed by was how hard our Colts players work. The amount of energy they exert each game is amazing.


Colts Players on the Field



I became a “sports mom” this year; the oldest has played soccer, baseball, and is now back in soccer again. He tells us he wants to play basketball and football as well! I don’t know if he’ll ever do it professionally like the Colts players do, but I do know it’s a great source of exercise for him. Organized sports aren’t the only way for him to get moving, though. My boys love to “extercise” as they call it. We’ll go out for a walk, go to the park, or just put on some music and dance up a storm. No matter the activity, it’s so important for them to be active and get at least 60 minutes of play a day.


Playing Baseball


Play today may or may not lead to a professional sports career, but it will definitely lead to healthy children. Looking for more ideas on how to get your kids moving? Find out if your school is a Fuel Up To Play 60 school, and if so, take advantage of all this great program has to offer. If not, find out how your school can join! You never know, you may see your little one out on the field one day.


On the Soccer Field


Thank you to Indiana Dairy and Fuel Up To Play 60 for the opportunity to attend the Colts game.