Here’s something I’ve learned about working from home:

you are in your home a lot.

Revolutionary, right?

When I made the decision to start working from home, I didn’t really think about how many more hours I would be spending in my house. My messy, clutter filled house. When you spend the majority of your waking hours outside of your home, it’s easier to ignore mess and clutter. However, when you’re around it 24/7, it becomes a lot harder to tolerate.


Clearing Out The Clutter, Blogger Style

I’ve never been a neat and organized person. In college, I was voted “messiest sister” in my sorority, and not much has changed since then. It’s not that I want to be messy, but organization is not one of my gifts. At all. A combination of laziness and overwhelmed-ness has kept me from truly doing anything about the clutter situation in our house. And now it is weighing me down.

When we made the decision for me to leave my job, part of the agreement was that the house would look “better.” I think my husband expected that he would come home on my first day of non-work to find the house spic-and-span from top to bottom. That definitely didn’t happen, but it’s been weeks now, and the house is still an unorganized hodge-podge of crap. He’s tired of it. I’m tired of it.

Something has got to give.

Do you know what made me realize it was time to do something about the clutter? A book I read to my boys the other day, The Biggest House in the World by Leo Lionni. The story is about a snail who wants a bigger “house” (shell) for himself, and he goes to his father for advice. This is what his father says:

Leo Lionni Text


Our square footage is definitely small, but our house is not light and easy to carry. The weight of the clutter is holding us down. This was a light bulb moment for me. I think our lives will be much better “small;” not with less space but with less stuff.

Leo Lionni Text


So I did what I always do when I need help – I turned to blogs. I asked some fellow bloggers what their favorite organization/de-cluttering blogs were, and I started reading. I was most touched by Dana’s blog A Slob Comes Clean, because I could relate so well to her struggles – Dana is my spirit animal. We have the same struggle, and she’s worked hard to overcome it. Her daily checklist has become my guide, and with a few modifications I’ve implemented this strategy and had success. Not perfection, mind you, but improvement.

Fellow Indiana blogger Taylor runs Home Storage Solutions 101, and it’s been a great help, too. This blog represents the other side of the coin; people who are awesome at organization and who are kind enough to share their knowledge with idiots like me. Signing up for the “Declutter Your Home in 15 Minutes a Day” missions have made the task of home organization a lot more manageable for me.

So how’s it going?

My home is not perfect yet, and honestly, it won’t be any time soon. But I can definitely say I am making progress. I present to you, our entryway.

Clean Entryway

This area used to be full of junk – it was the place to drop everything as you came in the door. You couldn’t open the closet without moving things out of the way.  I decided to pack most of it up and put it in storage after checking out (which gave me 50 different options starting at around $20) (No I did not take a before pic because OH THE SHAME.) But now it’s clear, lots of useless stuff got thrown away, and I feel a little bit more free.

Leo Lionni Passge

My project is far from over – but it has begun!

Snail - Leo Lionni