There’s lots of transition going on in our home right now. I recently made the decision to leave my job as a preschool teacher, and work from home. That meant bringing my two boys home with me. I miss my kiddos at school, but I am beyond thrilled to be able to focus on two things I love very much: writing and my family. We’ve had some good days and bad days since I made the decision to leave, but I’ve never regretted it for a moment.

We're Not Going to School

Things change has brought many questions from friends and family, and the main one is, “What are you going to do with the boys?” My youngest will be three soon, and my oldest recently turned four (this is his “pre-K” year.) I’ve had several people ask me where I am taking them for preschool, and the answer is: nowhere. They will be staying home with me. They’ve been in some kind of child care or preschool their whole lives, and I am excited to spend time together at home.

Big Yellow Ball

The next question I usually get is, “Are you homeschooling? What curriculum are you using?” Well, we’re not homeschooling, not in the traditional sense of the word. I don’t have a curriculum. We are simply enjoying our time together, and going out to experience all that our city has to offer. I guess you could call it “unschooling,” but I am hesitant to put a label on it. We’re just experiencing life. My oldest will start kindergarten next year, so this is the last year we have to spend our weekdays all together. I want to focus on building memories and learning together through playing, doing, and visiting. We have work books and crafts for our time at home, but we’re trying to get out of the house as much as possible. We’re simply enjoying our time together.

Library Story Hour

How am I finding things to do? Well, having a friend like Katy from Indy With Kids makes it a lot easier. I visit this site all the time to find out what fun things are going on around the city. I also follow Indy Homeschool to find out about educational opportunities around town. And I joined theCityMoms, a fantastic moms’ group/play group that has things going on quite literally every day of the week. In addition to these great blogs, I’ve been stalking the Indianapolis – Marion County Public Library and Carmel – Clay Public Library event calendars for  age-appropriate events. I’m doing my best to keep us busy, since every morning I am greeted with the question, “Where are we going today?”

So far we’ve heard stories, made crafts, visited a fire station, and learned about weather. We’ve checked out books, watched movies, played outside, slept in, stayed up late, made cookies, drawn pictures, painted, watered the plants, and a hundred other things we might not have done together if I were still at my old job. There was a point in my life where teaching at the preschool was where I needed to be and what I needed to do, but now home is where my heart and my presence is most of the time. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m not saying it’s easy, because it’s definitely not. But there’s no longer a disconnect between where I want to be and where I am. And that makes the difficult days manageable and the good days great.

Fire Station Visit

Being at home isn’t for everyone, but I’ve found it’s perfect for me and it’s what my family needs. I remember the heartache and conflict of wanting to be home and having to be at work. Some days I struggled just to put one foot in front of the other. I hope that wherever you are, it’s where you want to be and need to be. If you’re not there yet, know that I feel your pain. I’ve been there, too. And I’m praying you get where you need to be.

Playing Outside