I love August.


Over the next couple of weeks you’ll be hearing about many of the reasons I love August, but my number one, all-time reason to love August is the Indiana State Fair. It’s everything I love about Indiana crammed into three weeks. I wrote last year about how much fun we had at the fair, and I have to say that this year has been just as much fun.


We have our “old favorites” that we love to visit every year, but we love to try new things, too. Once I heard about the new Glass Barn, I was excited to check it out.


Indiana State Fair Glass Barn


We loved learning about life on real Indiana farms, and the boys loved climbing all over the characters inside the building. I even caught a glimpse of some of my fellow Indiana bloggers!


Indiana Farmwives and Bloggers!


Plus, who doesn’t want to be photobombed by a pig? I think this is the perfect Christmas card picture, don’t you?



What a HAM!


Another highlight of our trip was the FFA building. My oldest has been begging his dad to go play “puck puck,” so the mini-golf course was a huge treat for him. After the game, the boys spent a lot of time climbing all over the FFA building playground.


Miniature Golf in the FFA Building


And of course, we had to take some time to climb all over the John Deere tractors displayed by Reynolds Farm Equipment.


Reynolds Farm Equipment Tractors


The boys lobbied really hard to bring home one of these bad boys – maybe next year, guys! We also had a great time in the Boy Scout area, where my boys got to test out some musical instruments and play with remote control cars.


We spent all morning at the fair, and didn’t even come close to seeing all the sights. We’re planning to go back again to hit all the animal barns and eat some more delicious State Fair food. Even thought we still have more to do, I still think we had a great day. On the way home, I received the universal sign of a successful day at the fair:


Sweet sleep



Thank you so much Indiana’s Family of Farmers for providing us with tickets to the Indiana State Fair, and for all you do to support Indiana agriculture!