My Rick Astley Birthday


Do you remember when Rickrolling was a thing? If you’re not familiar, here’s what Wikipedia has to say about Rickrolling:


Rickrolling is an Internet meme involving the music video for the 1987 Rick Astley song “Never Gonna Give You Up“. The meme is a bait and switch; a person provides a hyperlink which is seemingly relevant to the topic at hand, but actually leads to Astley’s video. The link can be masked or obfuscated in some manner so that the user cannot determine the true destination of the link without clicking. People led to the music video are said to have been rickrolled.


Even though Rickrolling is so 2008, I still think it’s hilarious. Probably because Rick Astley is just the kind of cheesy 80s pop music I love to rock out to in the car. Or in my home. Or anywhere, really. My friends know of my love for Rick Astley and Rickrolling, and every now and then I will get a voice mail that is simply the sweet strains of Astley singing “Never Gonna Give You Up.”


Me either, Rick. Me either.


Rick Astley


My Birthday Wish


A couple of years ago, I saw a photo of this cake on Facebook, and I knew that I had to have it. It reads: “Never gonna give you up/Never gonna let you down/Never gonna run around and/dessert you.” Get it? Dessert you? HA HA HA! I loved it. I probably would have made it my wedding cake if I weren’t already married. Instead, I made it clear to my friends and family that this was to be my next birthday cake. It was all I wanted for my third 29th birthday.


Because my friends are true friends, they worked hard to make my dream come true. On the day of my birthday, my best friend stopped by a local grocery store and requested a cake with the above phrase written on it. A little weird, but no biggie, right?




About an hour before my birthday dinner, my bestie went to pick up my cake. She was told that the store could not honor her request, because she was asking for material protected by copyright to be printed on my cake. Yes friends, apparently quoting Rick Astley on a cake is against the law. It’s definitely against store policy at a certain local supermarket chain.


The store asked my friend what they would like printed on my cake instead. Perhaps a nice “Happy Birthday Crystal!” Nope. My friends are far too awesome for that. This was the cake I received on my third 29th birthday:


Rick Astley Cake

“I couldn’t Rick Roll your cake, but Happy Birthday anyway.”




 No Rickrolls in this post, but there are a few affiliate links.