A few weeks ago I shared our experience at the new Goldfish Swim School in Carmel. We were super impressed with the facility, but I was most impressed that they convinced my oldest to put his face in the water. I came away from the experience really excited about the Goldfish Swim School approach to swim lessons.


Goldfish Swim School



When Goldfish invited us back to try more lessons for my little swimmer, I jumped at the chance. My little guy had made so much progress in one lesson; how much more would he make with regular swim lessons every week? I asked him if he’d like to go back, and his answer was, “YEAH MOMMY YEAH THANK YOU!!!” So I think he was looking forward to it.




In the weeks since we began, my son has learned a lot about swimming. He’s putting his face in regularly now, and he’s even loosened his death grip on his teacher and started moving around in the water with only her hand to steady him. He lets his teacher take him under the water, and he doesn’t balk at going in the water with out goggles – although he loves wearing them. He’s not swimming on his own yet, but he’s making great strides. I am very, very proud of him, and very happy with his teacher (the amazing Ms. Abby).


Goldfish Swim School Shower

He even likes the shower now!



It’s more than swimming


However, I think I am most excited about the things my son is learning that don’t have anything to do with swimming. My son is learning independence in a way he hasn’t experienced in other activities. I am behind a wall of glass, so he can’t run to me in tears when he’s upset or afraid; he has to learn how to deal with those things on his own (and with the help of his teacher, of course). He is becoming braver, and learning to trust in his own abilities. My son is extremely cautious by nature, and while a lot of times that is a good thing, sometimes it keeps him from having fun and really experiencing things. He’s learning that he can move around in the water on his own, he can let go of me and float around, and he can splash and play like other kids do. He’s learning how good it feels to accomplish something on his own, without the help of me or his dad. Kids can learn these things in a variety of ways, but for my son, swimming lessons at Goldfish have taught him these things far better than any other activity we’ve tried.


If you’re concerned that your child may be too shy, introverted, or scared for swim lessons, I encourage you to give Goldfish Swim School a try. I think you’ll find what I’ve found; that swimming at Goldfish encourages independence in a way that is fun and beneficial. At the very least, your child will learn to swim, a skill that will keep them safe and give them years of enjoyment in the future.


Goldfish Swim School



My family was provided with complimentary swim lessons. All opinions and cute kids in goggles are mine.