Thomas the Tank Engine


Info about the 2016 Day Out With Thomas in Connersville can be found here.

On Sunday, our family headed to Connersville, Indiana to spend a Day Out With Thomas and ride with Thomas the Tank Engine. To say that my kids were excited was an understatement; they had spent most of the weekend asking me if it was time to go see Thomas yet. I was looking forward to our trip as well, because I knew how much they would love it.

We parked at Connersville High School and rode a free shuttle bus over to the event. You won’t find nicer people than the people of Connersville; everyone helping with the event was incredibly kind to us and our children. When the bus pulled up to where we could see Thomas for the first time, my oldest son’s eyes got so big I thought they might fall out of his head. It’s one thing for me to tell him we’re going to see Thomas the Tank Engine, it’s another for him to see it in person. We quickly grabbed our tickets and got ready for our ride.

Day Out With ThomasThe ride on Thomas was just the right length for preschool aged kids, at about 25 minutes long. My boys enjoyed sitting together and looking out the window at the scenery as we passed by. The train moves at a gentle pace so kids won’t get scared, and you can enjoy the sites along the way. My oldest son says the ride on Thomas was his favorite part of the day.

Once we got off of the train, we still had lots to do. Our boys spent a lot of time at the Imagination Station, playing with train tables, fishing games, stamps, and getting temporary tattoos. Then we spent some time bouncing in the three bounce houses, which you know my boys loved. Another highlight of the day for both boys was the barrel train ride. The barrel train took them all around the grounds, and I don’t think the smiles ever left their faces. This was my youngest son’s favorite part of the day.


Day Out With Thomas Barrel Train

 We ended the day hanging out with a celebrity – specifically Sir Topham Hatt. My oldest was thrilled to meet “Sossum Hatt” and get a picture with him. My youngest has a crippling fear of costumed characters (and I can’t say I blame him), so we couldn’t even take him close to the picture area. He liked the idea of meeting Sir Topham Hatt, but when we actually got close to him, it was a no-go. Maybe next year! My oldest is the exact opposite and will stalk costumed characters whenever he gets the chance. I literally had to drag him away before Sir Topham filed a restraining order.


Sir Toppham Hatt

We really had a fantastic time at Day Out With Thomas. It’s so much more than  just a train ride! I’m definitely glad we made the trip out to Connersville to attend this event. If you think your kids would love this event as much as mine did, you still have a chance to attend! Day Out With Thomas will be happening again this weekend, June 21, 22, and 23. I recommend buying your tickets online to ensure you have a seat on the train! Pack your sunscreen and some snacks, and head out to Whitewater Valley Railroad for a day your kids will love.

Our family was provided with tickets to the Day Out With Thomas event. All opinions and fear of costumed characters belong to my son and me.