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In 2009, my father died suddenly when he suffered a heart attack while shoveling snow. The time after my father’s death was one of the most difficult of my life. My heart broke at the thought of never seeing my father again, and I was devastated that he would never meet his grandchildren. I was worried about my mother, who had lost her husband of 37 years. More than anything, I missed him. I missed his presence. I missed his laughter. I missed all the little things that made him “dad.”


Even though I still miss my father today, I can say with confidence that good things came with his passing, painful as it was. My relationship with my mother has evolved into a true friendship; she is now not only my mom but also one of my closest confidants. We relate to each other in way we didn’t before, and I know it is a direct result of the support we gave each other after Dad died. I am thankful that my dad passed the way he would have wanted, without prolonged illness or suffering. I am most thankful for the legacy that he left. My father lived a good life. He taught me much about hard work, determination, and perseverance. These are things I am passing on to my children (one of whom shares his name), and in that way my father lives on, even though he is not with us anymore.


Sometimes it seems like we spend so much time preparing for the bad things in life, that we forget about all of the good. Just turn on the evening news; you’ll see crime, wars, natural disasters, death – rarely do we see stories of hope and encouragement. Maybe those things aren’t considered newsworthy, but I truly believe that stories of hope are all around us, we just have to look for them. Encouragement can be found in the simplest of things; a smile, an act of service, a kind word to someone who needs it. All of these things are free and easy, and they can be given even in the worst of circumstances.


That’s why I love the Allstate Good Life campaigh, Good Hands for the Good Life. Normally when we think about insurance, we think about preparing for the worst, right? We all have insurance in case something bad happens. However, Allstate doesn’t want to focus on our fears. They want to focus on celebrating and protecting the lives we have. That’s something I can totally get behind. It may sound corny, but I truly believe in finding joy in every day, and not letting fear rob me of that joy. I’m happy that a company like AllState feels the same way.



So, what’s your story? What have you overcame that has made you stronger? What difficult experiences are you grateful for? What simple things have brought you joy in the midst of trials? Let me know in the comments. Your story may be an encouragement to someone else!


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