This post is sponsored by Betty Crocker. All opinions and culinary ineptitude are my own.

Oftentimes I’ll be browsing beautiful baked goods on Pinterest, and I’ll think, “That’s cute, but there is no way in heck that I could ever replicate that creation.” When it comes to baking, I’m a little bit inept. I am lucky to complete cupcakes without some kind of major design flaw. I mean, what I make usually tastes good (not even I can mess up a good cake mix), but it doesn’t always look good. My cupcakes are not elegant and I can’t bake a cake with a rainbow on the inside.

I’m lucky that the good folks at Betty Crocker have made it easy for me. They shared with me this infographic that shows how to make delicious Ice Cream Cone Cakes that are also kind of adorable. And also REALLY REALLY EASY to make. Did I mention they are easy? And delicious? Check it out:

Ice Cream Cone Cake Infographic

Simple, right? Betty Crocker also has some really easy tutorials for things like Flip-Flops Cake, Watermelon Cake, Cookies and Cream Cupcakes, and Butterfly Cake. All great to look at, great to eat, and easy to make. The recipes on their website also include how-to videos. Even a baking idiot like me can’t mess these things up!

If you’re tasked with bringing dessert to the next cookout or baking a cake for your child’s birthday party, try these Ice Cream Cone cakes. Simple, delicious, and they will make you look like a baking rock star, even if you’re not. I promise I won’t tell anyone.