I was honored to be featured on the Bloggers Earn Bucks website this week, talking about how I’ve used blogging to build a writing career. Are you a blogger looking to grow into a businesswoman, or interested in starting a blog? Check out my tips, and be sure to download Jackie Wilson’s ebook The (Real) Truth About How Blogs Make Money: Tips and Tricks to Turn Your Blog Into a Business (without the BS).


Bloggers Earn BucksWhen I started blogging, my main motivation was boredom. I was a new mom on maternity leave, and I was looking for a way to connect with the outside world. Four years later, blogging has become a significant source of income for my family. The opportunities I receive through my blog help pay the bills and allow my family to do all sorts of fun things. Is this what you’re looking for from your blog? Here are my tips for making it happen.

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