Steal Your Baby's ProductsTime for a confession.


I steal from my kids.


No, I don’t take their money – I promise I put back anything I take out of the piggy bank. I don’t take their toys – unless it’s time to purge and I am sneaking them out the door to Goodwill. Wait, maybe I do steal a lot of stuff from my kids. But today, I’m specifically talking about personal care products. You see, I’ve found those products made for your baby are also kind of great for mommy, too. I’d like to share with you a few of my favorites.


My youngest has super-sensitive skin and some allergies, so these products are all “natural,” which I know is kind of a non-specific catch-all term. You’ll find that many of these items are fragrance free, made with natural or organic ingredients, and hypoallergenic. In addition to protecting my boys’ skin with no ill effects, they’ve also taken great care of my skin.


Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash, Fragrance FreeFace Wash: Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Collection Shampoo and Wash, Fragrance Free. Yes, I know it’s for baby’s hair and body, but it does a great job on my face. It removes dirt and make-up, but it’s gentle and doesn’t dry out my skin. I use it twice a day, every day, and I am so pleased with it. It’s a basic, gentle cleanser, with no fancy stuff.


Aleva Naturals Daily Soothing MoisturizerMoisturizerAleva Naturals Daily Soothing Moisturizer, Fragrance FreeThis product is designed to moisturize and protect newborn skin, but it’s great for mommy’s skin, too. It moisturizes without being too heavy, and it’s never made my skin oily or made me break out. I highly recommend this product if you’re looking for a great natural moisturizer. Here lately though, I read a Boots No 7 product review that was pretty promising. I may just have to give that a try to see if the hype matches up.


BabyGanics Bye Bye Dry Eczema CreamHand Cream: BabyGanics Bye Bye Dry Moisturizing Eczema LotionI bought this product for my youngest son’s eczema, and I noticed one day when I was putting it on just how great it made my hands feel. Since I work with kids, I wash my hands about a million times a day. As a result, they are always dry, especially in the winter. I ended up buying another tube of BabyGanics Eczema Lotion for myself because I like it so much. I carry it in my purse and use it several times a day.


Dolphin Organics Fragrance Free LotionBody Lotion: Dolphin Organics Fragrance Free LotionThis lotion is great. It really moisturizes my skin, but is light enough that I don’t feel like a big grease ball after I put it on. It’s completely eliminated the dry patches I get on my legs. I love that it contains organic aloe, and I love that it’s gentle enough for me and my kids to use.


Burt's Bees Baby Bee Multipurpose OintmentMultipurpose: Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Multipurpose Ointment. I love this stuff! I use it for everything. I bought it to protect my boys’ cheeks from the cold winter wind, but now I use it as a lip protectant, to treat dry patches on my hands, on minor cuts – I use it the way the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding used Windex.  It’s also great for baby’s diaper rash or eczema. And despite my constant use since the winter, I still haven’t had to buy a new jar. A little goes a long way.


So, ‘fess up – what products do you steal from your kids? If you have any to recommend, let me know in the comments!


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