Art Craft Time

Yesterday, I took my two preschool-aged boys to the weekly “Arts and Crafts Day” at a local educational  supply store.  It’s a chance for them to get out and get creative, and I don’t have to clean up the mess. Even if their finished products aren’t much to look at, the kids always have a great time.


When we arrived yesterday morning, there was another little boy there with his mom. He looked to be about two years old, and he was not feeling it. His mother was working very hard to have him replicate the sample craft that was provided for us, and he was very vocal with his protests. My boys sat down and immediately went to work making their own creations, scratching out their own design on the scratch paper and sticking jeweled stickers wherever they saw fit (including on their faces). The other mother shot an annoyed look at my boys, and then continued trying to get her son to help her draw a sun and flowers and make a butterfly out of tissue paper. Her little boy continued to scream and try to escape her lap.


Find out what happened when another mom made a snarky comment about my sons’ crafts…


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