So, it snowed AGAIN last night here in Indiana. A big, heavy, messy snow. That means that once again many kids have snow days and are stuck inside, looking for something to do. Because of that, I wanted to share with  you five of my favorite products that will help you fight cabin fever. The best part? These are totally natural products that are safe for your kids! Here are just a few things I love:

Glob’s Natural Paint Packets

Natural Paint Packets








These natural paint packets are great for your little artist. They’re also great for dyeing Easter Eggs! A little goes a long way. You can pick up a pack of six paints for only $12.00.

bObles Multi-functional Furniture

bObles multi-function furniture







I LOVE these! Instead of climbing up the walls, have the kids climb on the furniture. bObles created a line of fun, whimsical and well-designed kids furniture in shapes like elephants, crocodiles and chickens that turn into steps, boats, tables, seats, balancing pieces and more. bObles encourages motor function, imagination and, most importantly, fun! From $49.00










Kick it old school with some eco-friendly wooden blocks, just like the kind you had when you were a kid! They encourage your kids to spend hours at play, exercising their minds and building up cities with the 100- or 200-piece block sets. From $25.99

Box Play For Kids

Box Play for Kids








This is such a great idea. I wish I would have thought of it! Box Play stickers transform boxes you’d normally throw away or recycle into toys for your kids to play with. Your child gets to be creative by repurposing old milk jugs, egg cartons, and macaroni and cheese boxes. They’re having fun while you upcycle something that would normally get tossed. From $3.00.

Wee Can Too Veggie Crayons

Wee Can Too Veggie Crayons








Do you have a crayon-eater in your house? We do. That’s why I invested in some Wee Can Too Veggie Crayons. Little kids love putting things in their mouths and with these vibrant crayons made from organic fruit and vegetable powders, it’s OK. I’mnot suggesting you substitute the crayons for their regular, healthy regimen of produce, but now they can color and have fun while you know the products are safe. These crayons are completely natural and start at $11.00.

Stay warm and have fun on your snow days today! Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite snow day/snowed in activitiese are.