If you’re a blogger, blogging conferences are awesome. I went to my first conference last year, and I learned so much about blogging and how to make my blog better. My conference experience was a great motivator for me, and it renewed my passion for writing and blogging. If I could, I’d attend every conference out there, just so I could learn as much as possible about my craft.


The downside? Blogging conferences can be very pricey. First, you have to pay for your ticket to the conference. Then there’s travel and hotel expenses if the conference is not local. Some conferences are so heavily attended that it can be hard to even get a seat in the sessions. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to get all of the information and inspiration without all of the expense?


The Blog Workshop is Different


The Blog Workshop

The Blog Workshop is a blogging conference that is completely online – no need to travel! This unique conference features some amazing speakers – professionals from IZEA, The Blog Frog, and more. The agenda is totally friendly to a working mom like me, and it covers the things that are important to bloggers. Best of all, The Blog Workshop is affordable, and they even have discounted conference tickets available through Indiegogo Perks. There are grant and scholarship programs for exceptional bloggers that may need additional help.  I am so impressed by how hard this conference works to make a way for everyone who wants to attend. Truly amazing! Makes me even more excited to connect and learn.

Register today!


You can register for The Blog Workshop here. Check out this video for more information – but don’t watch it if you don’t want to get excited about this great conference! You can also keep up with The Blog Conference on Facebook and Twitter.

I was provided with conference admission. Affiliate links included. All opinions and excitement are 100% mine.