It was a freezing cold winter day. My husband was out of town, and my two- and three-year-old boys were getting restless. The oldest kept telling me he wanted to do an art craft, but since I teach preschool I leave most of my art supplies there. I had no plans of going out in the snow, so I had to think fast. What could I do with some paper grocery bags and sidewalk chalk?


In a rare moment of genius, I had a great idea come to me – we could make roads for the boys’ toy cars.


Making a paper bag road



I cut open two Trader Joe’s grocery bags so they laid out flat. Then I took the sidewalk chalk and drew some roads on the paper. The boys were so excited to start driving their cars on them that I quickly had to make another one so they would each have their own. At two and three years old, sharing is promoted by not always possible!


Paper Bag Road


After playing for awhile, the boys decided they wanted some scenery. They requested a house with a garage, a barn, trees, a sun, and a pond.


Chalk barn


The boys played with their “roads” for hours. They drove all over, parked their cars is the “garage,” and took the chalk and made their own additions. When the chalk lines started to fade, we just retraced them and started again! We’re saving more paper bags so we can tape several together and make a whole town next time. Who knew paper bags and chalk could be so much fun?


Parked in the barn.