MilkI was just hit with some news that will mean big changes for our family, but first some updates – both on my weight and what we call in Mamavation “non-scale victories,” which I think are just as important as weight loss.


I’ve had some losses and gains since I made this commitment and joined the Mamavation Sistahood. I am happy to say that since I’ve started this journey, I have lost 4.6 pounds! I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but that factors in losing weight – and then gaining it back at Thanksgiving. Losing weight – and then gaining some back during Christmas. There’s a non-scale victory wrapped in this, which is that I haven’t given up. That number is only part of my total health journey.


Other non-scale victories: I’m consistently taking 10,000-11,000 steps a day, and one day last week I was over 16,000. I’ve signed up for three 5k races so far this year, with one at the end of the month(!). I just ordered a salad and water with my meal instead of fries and a coke.


Challenges in the past week have been not getting enough sleep and skipping breakfast. These two things are probably related.


The big change we’re dealing with right now is that our doctor is recommending we take our youngest son off of dairy. Not the end of the world, I know, but a big change for my cheese lover who is too little to understand that doing this will help him to feel better. We are a dairy-loving family, and this change will be hard on all of us! I’d appreciate any and all tips on making the transition smoothly!


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