I'm obviously bleeding to death.My three-year-old is kind of obsessed with injuries right now. He always wants to know if doing different things (like jumping off the couch) will “give me a bleed,” and he is always insisting that he “has a bleed,” even when he has no visible injuries. Last week, he fell down at school and got a fat lip. The injury wasn’t serious, but his front teeth cut the inside of his mouth, and there was quite a bit of blood. After the pain wore off, he was so excited to tell anyone who would listen that he “got a bleed at school today!” I’m not sure if I have a future doctor on my hands, or if he is just being a boy.

The other night, he kept insisting he needed a Band-Aid. He would then show me some imaginary injury on his thumb. I explained to him that he did not in fact need a Band-Aid, because he wasn’t bleeding. He persisted, and each time I told him no. He was not happy with me at all, and finally he let me know.

 “Mommy, get me a Band-Aid or go to bed. Those are your choices!”

Hmmmm…I wonder where he’s heart that before. At least I know he’s listening to me. What he doesn’t realize is that when you tell a tired mom that one of her choices is to go to bed, that’s probably the one she is going to pick every time.