Times Square Ball2013 is here and that means it’s resolution-making time. I am not one of those “too cool for resolutions” people; I’ve always been a resolution maker. I’ve just never been a good resolution keeper. That’s the reason for this post. My hope is that if I put my resolutions out there for the whole interwebs to see, I’ll have more accountability and motivation to keep them. I really don’t want to revisit this post in January of 2014 and see that I failed in all fronts. So with that  in mind, I am going on the record about the things I want to accomplish in 2013.


I want to read more books. As a preschool teacher and preschool book blogger, I am reading children’s books all the time. The last time I read a grown-up book the whole way through? Good question. I used to read all the time, and then kids happened and my reading life disappeared. This year my goal is to read 52 books, a goal I am calling “52 in 52,” mainly because that’s easy for me to remember. I’ve already loaded up my Kindle Fire with some new books; first on the list is My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler.


I want to drink more water. Specifically, five Brita bottles a day. My Brita bottle has been a huge money-saver and health-booster to me, because it comes with a built in replaceable water filter. I don’t have to buy bottles of water to take to work; I can just take my Brita bottle and refill it throughout the day. Since the tap water at my school tastes horrible, this is a wonderful thing. Even with the Brita bottle, I’m still not drinking enough water, so my goal is to step up my game in the new year and get hydrated.


I want to look better. Most mornings, making myself look attractive is at the bottom of the priority list. I work in a casual dress environment and I work with kids who really don’t care about my appearance, so I’ve kind of let things go. Make-up? Styling my hair? Pants that aren’t pajamas or jeans? I’m no longer familiar with these things. I’m not saying that all of these things are necessary for me to look good, but I know that I feel more confident when I know I look my best. I think even five more minutes every morning will make a difference. It’s time to take more pride in my appearance and reclaim my inner cute girl.


I want to get a good grasp on my taxes. As we all know, the new year brings about the meticulous task of filing taxes. Some are lucky enough to get a refund, while others face the unfortunate reality of paying owed taxes. I’m not sure what the future holds for me just yet, but I have armed myself with a w4 tax calculator and a few other tools (all free I might add). So this year I will be ready for anything the tax man throws at me.


I want to encourage others.  I am blessed with a lot of really fantastic people in my life, and I want them to know just how awesome I think they are. There have also been so many times in life when the encouragement and kindness of others has gotten me through a difficult time. I always strive to be that kind of person, but all too often I let life get in the way. This is my year to be more intentional about being that kind of person – if you’d like to join me in this, Project Purse Club is a great place to start.


Have you made resolutions for 2013? Let me know what changes you are making in the comments.