I love seafood. LOVE it. If it crawls around on the bottom of the ocean, I probably want to eat it. I will gladly eat everything from calamari to lobster to crab. Because of this, Red Lobster is of course one of my favorite restaurants. Well, it’s also because of the addictive Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Have you tasted those things? They are amazing.


I was recently invited to come out to Red Lobster and check out their new menu and totally new design in the restaurant. My husband and I originally tried to make this a date night, but after dealing with both sick kids and sick babysitters, we decided to make it a family night.  The four of us headed out to the Castleton (Indianapolis) Red Lobster on a Sunday evening. I am really glad that we did, because my kids absolutely loved Red Lobster.


Lobster TankWe walked in and my boys made a beeline for the live lobster tank. “This place is awesome!” They were totally sold. We were seated quickly, and the boys went right to work on their coloring sheets. The new atmosphere of the restaurant is a more refined look that I really enjoyed. It was an intimate place that would be great for a date night, but at the same time, I didn’t feel out of place bringing our kids there.




My husband ordered his usual flounder, and I had delicious crab legs. My boys had chicken and mac and cheese from the red_lobster_2kids’ menu, but I nearly lost my crab legs after I gave my oldest a taste. Nice to know there’s another crab lover in the family, but – back off kid. Mommy doesn’t share her crab legs with anyone! Luckily, crab legs are on the kids’ menu. so next time he can  have his own.


Overall, we had a really great experience at Red Lobster. Our recent visit just reaffirmed why Red Lobster is one of our favorite restaurants. The menu has things we all enjoy, the atmosphere is even better than before, and we enjoyed delicious food and great service. When you’re spending money on a meal out, you want to know that you will be getting your money’s worth when it comes to both food and service, and we definitely feel that way about Red Lobster. If you haven’t been before, or it’s been awhile since you’ve visited, I highly recommend stopping in the next time you have a date night or a family outing. You won’t regret it!


Be sure to save me a Cheddar Bay Biscuit!













I was provided with a Red Lobster gift card in return for sharing my honest opinion of the restaurant with you. All opinions are 100% my own. I am serious about those biscuits, people.