SickWeight loss is great when it comes through healthy eating and exercise. It’s not so great when it comes through a stomach virus.


The bug that struck our household this week has finally hit me. I’m sure I’ve lost weight, but it hasn’t been in ways that were pleasant or comfortable. The upsides to the week are that until I got sick, I had been eating breakfast every day, and drinking at least 80 ounces of water.  Before I felt like death, I worked out a few times in the morning. Our cable service has exercise programs OnDemand, and having so many different things to choose from has been great for me. Boredom is definitely one of my workout killers!


I didn’t weigh in today, since I didn’t think my stomach flu weight would be an accurate representation of what I’ve done this week. I’m also trying to avoid doing things that involve me getting out of my recliner, save for the occasional unpleasant trip to the bathroom. I know Mamavation TV will raise my spirits tonight, though. Especially since my friend Doctor G. will be with us! I can always count on those ladies to make me smile.


My big goal this week is to exercise consistently once I’m back to normal. You know, once I’m digesting food like a normal person and everything.


(Photo credit: David Castillon Dominici)


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