So last week started strong with water and walking, but ended in a puddle of stress eating and soda drinking as we celebrated my youngest son’s second birthday. I’m not

My exercising son

The reason I do it.

happy with my eating and lack of exercise over the last few days, but the stressful weekend served as a painful reminder that I am more emotionally connected to food than I thought. This isn’t going to be easy. But it needs to be done, for me and for my family.


The Bob Harper/Mamavation Challenge


Today was my first day of the Mamavation Two Week Challenge with Bob Harper. I will be doing a Bob Harper workout plan for the next two weeks, because I like to jump into things with both feet. And I did a lot of jumping, lunging, and bending today. I know that Bob comes off as the “nice” trainer on television, but man…that workout was no joke. My legs and butt are SORE. I am just happy to have made it through the workout alive.


The best part of the experience had nothing to do with the workout. I did my circuit as soon as we got home from school today, before my husband could get home to see me make an ass out of myself as I huffed and puffed. The man has seen me give birth twice, but I still won’t let him see me exercise. I know. So I am working out, and my three-year-old said, “Mommy! I want to exercise, too!” And he did his version of the exercises along with me. My two-year-old watched, and laid down on the floor to snuggle with me while I did my bridge-ups.


Do you know how awesome that is?


My kid saw me exercise, and he wanted to do it, too. That is why I am doing this. Not just to lose the muffin top. Not just to fit in my skinny jeans. The main reason I am doing this is because I want my kids to make better choices than I have. I want them to be active, eat right, and be healthy! I want their relationship with food to be a healthy one. And yes, I want them to know that making healthy choices can be difficult, and we shouldn’t judge those who have struggled. I want them to walk this journey with me and see all of it. Yes, they are little – but what better time to start?


My goal for this week is not to miss a day of my fitness challenge, and to think of new ways to get my kids involved in my fitness journey. I’d love to find an exercise DVD that we can do together. I also want to be more intentional in teaching my kids about health and wellness. I haven’t done a good job thus far. It’s time for that to change!