Bathroom ScaleI got on the scale Friday night.


It did not go well.


Specifically, the weight it displayed was 20 pounds heavier than it should be. I should not weigh this much. It’s not healthy for me to be at this weight. But the way I’ve been living lately, it’s no surprise. Still, I was sad and disappointed to see that I had gained back all of the weight I had lost last year and then some.


What Happened?


I can pinpoint the exact time that things went south for me. It was at a time in my life that I was under an incredible amount of stress for several personal and professional reasons. First, I stopped eating almost entirely, due to the constant nauseous feeling I had from all that was going on in my life. Then, I flipped and started eating anything and everything I wanted, because I am a comfort eater. When I am upset, the first things I turn to are candy bars and soda. I also like to eat when I’m bored. Or happy. So yeah, it’s become kind of a problem.


Food and I need to break up. We need a healthier relationship than the one we have. I also need to fall in love with exercise, because right now it’s not even on my radar. But how do I find the accountability that will really help me make a lifestyle change? I can do a six-week challenge, but I sometimes wonder if I lack the discipline to change my eating and exercise habits for good. But I need to make the effort, because the me my kids are getting right now is not the best me they could have.


Where I’m Headed


I had the pleasure of hearing Leah Segedie speak last month when I attended Bloggy Con. She didn’t speak directly about weight loss, but she did share a bit about how she is using her story of weight loss to help other women. After the scale debacle, I pulled up her online community Mamavation, and read some of her story. I was so impressed by what I saw, both in Leah’s stories and in the Mamavation forums. I loved the support, encouragement, and accountability that I saw there. I even sent Leah a gushy email where I probably overshared and creeped her out, but I wanted her to know how much I appreciated finding this community at this time in my life.


I am taking the pledge and I am excited to start out on this journey. I am taking my cues this week from Leah’s own story, and I am making small changes a little at a time. My goals are to drink water and do some kind of exercise every day. I know these sound ridiculously easy, but for this soda-loving lazy-pants, they are quite challenging. Mamavation Monday posts will become a regular feature here, partly because they are part of the pledge I am taking, and partly because I need that accountability. I also want to be able to support others. Life change is not easy! I hope that I can give back as much as I get from those who have inspired me.


Goodbye weak arms, bad posture, lack of energy, high cholesterol…I won’t miss you.


Anyone else on the road to healthier living? Let me know in the comments.


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