Best of What's AroundI haven’t been very good about doing weekly “Best of What’s Around” posts, but that’s something I want to change. There’s so much great stuff happening in the blogging world, but rarely do we have the time to read every good blog out there. Here are some posts that I read this week and loved; let me know what great things you’ve found (and feel free to self-promote!) in the comments.


A Dad’s Perspective on Home Birth – New Prime Parents Club contributor Wade Wingler (of Fathers Over Forty) shares his reaction to his wife’s desire to have a home birth, and how he came to find peace with her decision. I enjoyed hearing a father’s thoughts on this issue!

 27 Ways to Use a Cake Mix – Cris of GOODEness Gracious gathers together some great recipes that repurpose that boring old cake mix sitting in your cupboard. The best part? There’s a whole section of PUMPKIN flavored deliciousness. YUM!

Project Purse Club – Project Purse Club is a new community started by Jackie of WritRams and Bloggers Earn Bucks. The goal of this community is to create a place where businesswomen and bloggers build each other up, rather than tear each other down. The best part? Community members have the chance to win a free purse every month! That’s something I can definitely support!

What is awesome over in your corner of the web this week? Let me know, and I might feature it next Sunday!

Image by Cortega9 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons