Vacations are great – once you get there. But any mom will tell you that the preparing and the getting there can be stressful. There’s the laundry, the packing, dealing with the traffic or the airport, and entertaining the kids on the way there. And of course, there’s the cost. Vacations can get expensive, which can add to the stress of traveling.

However, there are great ways to save money on travel. Are you planning on taking a cruise this summer? You don’t have to head all the way to Florida to depart for your journey. Many exciting family cruises depart from Baltimore, Maryland, which saves time and travel costs for many of us.

Another great reason to depart for your cruise from Baltimore is the city of Baltimore itself. There are so many fun things for families to do in Baltimore. What better way to save money than to have two vacations in one? Here are just a few of the fun things your family can experience in Baltimore:

These are just four of the many exciting family destinations Baltimore has to offer, in addition to being a convenient departure point for your family cruise. When you’re planning your next getaway, and you want to get the most bang for your buck, consider Baltimore as a great choice for your family.
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