Meet Emma.

Emma was born with her hips and knees bilaterally dislocated. She also had fluid in her lungs. She spent many weeks in the NICU and at a rehab hospital before she could come home and be with her family.

Emma is the daughter of two of my very best friends. When I met Emma, she had just turned two years old. At that time, she could not walk, and she only said a couple of words. She was unable to feed herself, and all of her nutrition came through a feeding tube.

Today, Emma is five years old and getting ready to start kindergarten. She’s walking with a walker, and working toward walking on her own. She talks…and talks…and talks. And sings. She loves music. She eats like a champ and no longer has her feeding tube.

Emma has been blessed with family and friends who love her enough to encourage her to work hard to reach her goals. She has also been blessed with some great assistance and therapists, all made possible by the United Way of Central Indiana.

Please watch Emma’s video here to learn more about her story. Cast your vote for her video, and you’ll be helping her make one of her dreams come true – her dream of being “famous.” If Emma’s Story wins, Emma will be one step closer to being on television. And if you feel led, lend your support to the United Way. I have seen first hand what their work means and how much help they give.