Recently, I was checking out the blog of my friend Rockle, and fell in love with the adorable pictures of her little girl at swim lessons. Reading about how much fun her daughter had made me realize it was time to sign my oldest up for classes as well.

I had planned on doing it last summer, but I was pregnant, and I knew that getting my little guy to lessons at 9:30 on a Monday morning was just not going to happen. But this year I had no excuse, other than my selfish desire to sleep in. So when I got a schedule in the mail from Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation, I knew it was time.

However, the cheapskate in me was excited to see that Parent and Child Toddler swim classes were only $26 for a four week session. These classes are not going to teach my baby to swim, but they are a kind of pre-swimming lessons to get him used to the water. I was terrified of water as a kid, and when I took swim lessons (at about age 7) it was a horrible experience for everyone involved: myself, my parents, and my poor teacher. I don’t want my kids to go through that. This class is a great place to start.

Our first lesson was today, and we had a great time. My son loved the water, and the activities were fun and age-appropriate. The facility is awesome; an indoor pool that goes gradually from a few inches deep to 3.5 feet. It’s perfect for beginning swimmers. We were encouraged to try everything with our kids, but not to force them to do anything. It was exactly what swim lessons for a toddler should be.

If you are in the area, I would recommend checking out Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation. They offer all kinds of activities in the summer, and they are all very reasonably priced. We are thinking about having our little guy do a beginning soccer class this summer as well. It was super easy to sign up online, and they have lots of sessions at different times. If the other sessions are as good as our swim class was, Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation may become our official summer activity spot.

Since it was a Parent and Child class, I couldn’t take any pictures…however, Daddy will be coming to a session, so hopefully I can share pics soon!

Full disclosure: I was not asked to review or write a favorable post about Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation. I simply had a great experience and wanted to pass that info on to you!