Spring In2 Action

Not a big loss this week, but still another loss! The best part is, I have finally hit my first goal of losing ten pounds! That is about nine more than I thought I would lose, so I am pretty proud. I am to a point now where people are noticing my weight loss, and that is a great feeling.

My biggest struggle right now is complacency. I’ve had some success, I’m getting comfortable, so sometimes I will start to think I can let myself slip and make up for it later. NOT TRUE. I am holding strong so far, but for some reason the temptations have been greater lately.

My partner Zelma went through a rough patch last week, but she has been kicking some serious booty this week, and I am so proud of her! We were on the leaderboard again this week, and I’m hoping we will finish out the challenge there as well!

Starting weight: 156.4 lbs.

Current weight: 146.2 lbs

Goal weight: 136.4 lbs.

Total lost: 10.2 lbs.