Spring In2 Action

Another week, another loss!

This past week was tough. I had family in town, which meant a lot of eating out and trying to make smart food decisions in difficult situations. It was hard, but I think I am finally getting the hang of how to make good choices. You hear people talk about “lifestyle change” all the time when it comes to dieting. This is where I feel like I am heading. Instead of following a temporary diet to fit into a certain outfit, I am really making a lifestyle change because I know it’s what is best. Fitting into my old clothes is an added bonus.

I have to thank my awesome partner Zelma for letting me know about this challenge and giving me so much support. Also, big thanks to the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans for hosting the Spring In2 Action challenge and providing the motivation I needed to start this process.

And now, the part I know you’re really concerned with – the numbers!

Starting weight: 156.4 lbs.

Current weight: 147.0 lbs

Goal weight: 136.4 lbs.

Total lost: 9.4 lbs.

Almost 10 lbs. down! That’s halfway there!