The reason I started this blog was to help moms. Help them save money, help them organize their lives, and help them find products that work for them. I’ve also been helped so much by other mom bloggers out there. I truly believe we are our own best resource. I love to see moms helping moms.

JD’s mom needs our help. JD (aka Deeds) is autisic, and also has some additional health issues. JD’s mom says this (from her blog):

The biggest struggle we have with JD is wandering.  JD loves to explore, like most typical little guys.  The difference in JD is that he doesn’t care if you are around, and he will not respond to his name being called when he is wandering.  The first time I lost JD I was at a store and he was strapped safely in a stroller with his sister.  I turned around from looking at a product and he was gone.  He had figured out the buckle and I couldn’t find him for almost 30 minutes.  Everyone around was frantically screaming his name and we finally found him outside, two stores down playing in the doorway of another building.  I ran up to him calling for him the whole time and it wasn’t until I touched his arm that he turned and notice me with a simple “hi mommy.”

Deeds continues to wander, and as he gets older, he is figuring out more and more ways to get out and explore. For this reason, he would greatly benefit from an autism service dog.

The problem? These dogs are not expensive. They go through a very specialized training, and for that reason they come with a hefty price tag. However, it’s a price tag that is totally worth it if it will keep Deeds safe.

That’s where you come in. Deeds’ parents are doing what you, I, or any parent would do – moving heaven and earth to find ways to pay for a dog for Deeds. One of those is through simply getting the word out about Deeds, and asking others to do what they can. That’s what I am asking you to do today.

I don’t care if it’s $1 or $50. If you can give something to help get Deeds a dog, please do it. Check out A Dog 4 Deeds to see all the ways you can help. If you can’t afford to give a donation, help get the word out. Tell others about Deeds. Blog about Deeds. Tweet about Deeds, with the hashtag #fordeeds. Let this be your random act of service for the week. Help out a fellow mom!

A Dog For Deeds