Our oldest son loves music, singing, and dancing, and whenever we can, we love to take him to see live shows. The downside? Those live shows can be EXPENSIVE. A great time, but definitely costly.

That’s why I am so excited for the Beef and Boards Children’s Theater. All seats, all shows are $12.50 – all the time! Plus, the show includes juice and a snack. For the cost of a movie and popcorn, you can see a live show and have a snack. It’s a great deal!
We are buying tickets to see Blue’s Clues Live: Blue’s Birthday Party in March.  The show is only an hour long, so it’s the perfect length for our toddler and his somewhat short attention span. Plus, it’s Blue’s Clues! You can’t beat that. The Children’s Theater will also be featuring Pinocchio this fall.
If you’re looking for a great family activity in Indianapolis, check out the Beef and Boards Children’s Theater!
This post is not a sponsored post. I am just very excited about this great deal offered by Beef and Boards!