I started my day by attending a funeral. A good friend’s mother passed away on Thanksgiving day. It was a beautiful celebration of a life well lived, but it was bittersweet. My heart broke for my friend as I watched tears roll down her face.

I took my newborn son to the funeral with me, and he seemed to bring so much comfort to my friend and her family. When my father passed, all I wanted to do that day was hold my best friend’s new baby girl. There’s something about babies that just seems to bring comfort in times of loss. I think seeing that brand new life helps it all make sense. A new life comes as an old one passes. “The LORD giveth and the LORD taketh away. Blessed be the name of the LORD.”

I spent my evening in the ICU waiting room with friends, as we rallied around a mother whose son was hit by a drunk driver while leaving work. His condition currently requires minimal stimulation; this mother cannot touch or even talk to her son. The next three days are crucial – there’s no “he’s doing well” or “he’s doing poorly.” It’s all about these next few days, which will have their own ups and downs.

I can’t look at my friend’s son in a hospital bed and not think about my own sons, and how much I love them. What if that were my baby? I cried for my friend, I cried for her son, and I cried for myself, and the inevitable day when my babies have a pain that I can’t take away.

It’s been an emotional day.