Ok moms, I need your help.

My oldest was lucky enough to make it through his first year without many illnesses. We had one ear infection, a bout of hand, foot, and mouth virus, and this weird bug where he was in great mood, but was projectile vomiting for about 24 hours. Overall, not too bad.

Since he has turned one, we have been fighting the battle of the ear infections. He has had three ear infections in his left ear since September. The first went away with Amoxicillan, the second we tried the same course, but it’s not working so well. He’s now on Augmentin, and we’re hoping that does the trick.

For you moms whose kids have tubes in their ears, at what point did you make that decision? How many recurrent ear infections did you go through before your doctor advised surgery? Any advice for us as we go through this?

Thanks in advance!