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I am now the mother of two. It is absolutely wonderful, and a little surreal all at once. A popular question after you have your second baby (particularly if your first is barely out of babyhood himself) is “How are you handling having two?” I have found this is most often asked by my friends who only have one.


Keeping Track of Baby Socks
The amazing thing about adding on to your family is that while that little life you’ve created is brand new, once it arrives, you can’t imagine life without it. And you just make it work. I don’t know how I am handling having two. I am just doing it. So far, so good.


The one thing that I have noticed is that many things in my life have multiplied. Diapers…times two. Two diaper bags. Two sets of doctor appointments to keep straight. Two car seats. Twice the laundry. With that laundry comes an absolutely insane amount of baby socks.

Socks are a constant battle with babies and toddlers. When babies are teeny, the socks just won’t stay on. They rub those cute little feet together, and off they come. And you’d better grab them fast or one of them is going to be lost forever.

When they get bigger, they learn how to take their socks off. And they do. As soon as you get them on. And you’d better grab them fast before they get thrown somewhere and are lost forever.

If you are fortunate enough to retain both socks, there’s another challenge to face: the washer and dryer. You know how easily your socks get lost? It’s ten times worse when the sock is the size of a postage stamp. They are tiny enough to slip through those holes in the side of your laundry basket, and if they make it to the wash, there’s always that chance that they will disappear to wherever it is lost socks go when we wash them. End result: you have to buy more socks. It’s enough to drive a frugal mom crazy.

Thankfully, there is a way to fight the lost baby sock battle, and it only costs 97 cents. That’s how much I paid for a lingerie bag at Walmart. A lingerie bag is a mesh bag designed to protect your delicate underthings in the wash. However, it’s also great for keeping track of baby socks. When your little peanut loses/takes off his socks, and you finally get tired of putting them back on, just pop them into your lingerie bag. When laundry day comes around, throw your bag of socks into the wash with the rest of his clothes. Because your baby’s socks are zipped up tight in the bag, you won’t lose them. (We’ve accumulated so many socks now that I bought these large lingerie bags on Amazon. I use one for my socks, too!)

Less lost socks = less money spent on baby socks!