I have a new addiction.

Some of my addictions are bad for me (Mountain Dew). Some of my addictions are embarrassing (boy bands, reality television). But my new addiction? It’s actually useful, and the time I put in will make my life easier.
I am totally addicted to the AboutOne Home Management System.
AboutOne is a website designed to make your life easier. It stores all of your important information and records in one place, and since it is web based, you can access it nearly anywhere. Your information is stored with bank-level security, so you don’t have to worry about your personal information being compromised. AboutOne stores everything from medical records to personal memories. AboutOne is a great tool for getting organized. 
When I logged in to AboutOne for the first time, I didn’t know what to expect. I was asked to enter some basic information about myself, and from there, I was off and running. Once I entered my birth information, I was presented with all kinds of fun facts…did you know I am 10,797 days old? Me either! When I entered in the boys’birth information, it didn’t just have spots for their birth date and weight – I could even enter their birth stories. AboutOne doesn’t just store information, it stores your family memories.
It doesn’t stop there, though! AboutOne also allows you to do great things with those memories. It serves as a kind of digital scrapbook, where you can track your memories and milestones, and even put them into “Scrapbook View.” You can email pictures from your phone to your AboutOne inbox. You can use AboutOne to assemble a family newsletter (great for holiday cards!), or a list of important information for the babysitter. You can even use AboutOne to track your child’s education information and volunteer service – great to have when their applying for college.
These are just a few of the great features that AboutOne offers. AboutOne is adding even more features starting December 1st, including tools to help you send out holiday cards and keep track of gifts. You will also be able to combine your memories and photos from AboutOne into a hardcover photo book. And since AboutOne is web-based, you don’t have to worry about downloading updates. You always have the most up-to-date system! If you ever get stuck, just click the “Live Help” button for immediate assistance.
The thing I like best about the AboutOne system is that it’s really fun to use. I enjoyed entering our family’s information and seeing all of the things AboutOne could do. My AboutOne homepage even has a box with “Time and Money Savers.” You know I love that kind of information!
I highly encourage you to visit the AboutOne homepage and sign up for their free trial. It’s a great chance to try out this amazing tool and see all it has to offer. You can also check out the AboutOne blog and YouTube Channel, and follow AboutOne on Facebook and Twitter.
Full disclosure: I was given a one year subscription to AboutOne.com for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions are my own, and I was not required to write a positive review. I received no monetary compensation for this review.