I have always been intrigued by the idea of baby wearing. It always seemed like such a great way to snuggle with your little one, not to mention the benefit of having your hands free! The problem is, I am also a little bit afraid of baby wearing. I don’t know anyone “in real life” who does it, and I am terrified of doing it wrong and either dropping or smothering my baby. Not to mention all the choices! Moby, Ergo, Baby Bjorn, ring sling…which one was best? I was so intimidated by baby wearing that I didn’t do it with¬† my son at all.

But here we are expecting another baby, and with a newly walking toddler tearing the house down, having my hands free as much as possible seems like a good idea. Then I saw some pictures that Emily from Family and Life in Las Vegas posted on her blog. Her toddler son is about the same age and size as my son (a few months past the first birthday and chunky!), and she was wearing him! With ease! She looked so comfortable carrying him around, and he looked comfy too! I could not believe it. I commented on Emily’s post, and she was nice enough to send me an email with more information. Some wraps allow you to wear a baby up to 35 pounds! With Emily’s recommendation and endorsement, I’ve decided to try baby wearing with this little one.

I am still doing my research, and I want to hear your thoughts. Did you wear your baby? What type of wrap do you recommend? Any tips or warnings? All your thoughts, good and bad, are appreciated!