Dear Kroger:

Have I told you lately just how much I love you?

Your digital coupons that I can load directly onto my Plus Card have changed my life. And the way your sales coordinate to your coupons? Amazing.

Where else could I go and get 16 double rolls of Charmin for $3, without a manufacturer’s coupon? And where else could I get my husband’s favorite Right Guard Total Defense antiperspirant for $2 a stick? That’s just one of the ways you show me how much you care. And when I do have manufacturer’s coupons, you gladly double them for me, up to $1. No one has ever given me a hard time about coupons at Kroger.

Your website allows me to add coupons to my Plus Card, see the weekly ad, and play games for prizes.

And an extra thanks to the staff of the new Kroger by my house. The other Kroger is only five miles away, and yet their employees are unhelpful and surly. New Kroger, your employees are always so nice and helpful.

So Kroger, in case I haven’t told you lately…thank you for being so awesome.


Mom for Less

Full disclosure: No, I didn’t get anything from Kroger for writing this post. I just love Kroger a whole big bunch. Yes, I know how nerdy that makes me. But I am a nerd who stocked up on toilet paper for cheap this weekend.