Have you checked out MomCents?

MomCents is an online magazine dedicated to helping moms save money and simplify their lives. Their September issue premiered today, and it features an article by yours truly, as well as many other great articles and features. MomCents is a must for any money-saving mommy.

The best part about MomCents is that all of their advertising revenue goes to support a special needs school. It is truly a labor of love, created not only to help moms but to help kids who really need it. So please, go over to MomCents and check out the September issue. If you visit one of their advertisers be sure to tell them that MomCents sent you. Follow their blog, and consider putting their “patch” on yours. And if you have a business of your own, consider advertising with MomCents. The rates are low and all of your money goes to help out special needs kids. Be sure to tell them that Mom for Less sent you!

If you like what you see at MomCents, consider making a donation. We usually pay $3-$4 for a print magazine. Consider donating $12 to MomCents as your one-year “subscription.” That’s just $1 an issue, a great deal!

 MomCents Online Magazine For Women