Man, I suck.

Monday, I had a guest post featured over at the amazing EmilyK’s blog, Family and Life in Las Vegas. I was all set to tell you about Emily and her blog…and we came home from a trip to my mom’s to find wet carpet. Everywhere. Clogged condensation line on our air conditioner. I have never been so happy to be a renter. But alas, my blog post didn’t get done.

Yesterday, I had settled down in front of my laptop ready to write, and then I got a text from my son’s daycare teacher. He was vomiting. A lot. Could I come get him please? So I rushed out of the house to go get him. Poor thing, he looked awful. On the way home, he threw up again. In our new car. That we’ve had for a week. Guess it’s broken in now!

Then, later that night I had some spotting. Not a lot, but when you are 8 months pregnant (or really any months pregnant) it’s worrisome. The doctor sent me to bed for the night, so again…no blog post.

So my deepest apologies go out to Emily, but I hope you will still go and check out my guest post. I also wanted to present you with the top five reasons I love Emily and her blog:

  1. The adorable design! It’s one of the cutest blogs I have ever seen.
  2. Emily doesn’t just do giveaways, she doesn’t just do reviews, she doesn’t just do blog hops…she does a little of everything! She mixes her personal story in with the other elements of her blog, which I love.
  3. I first encountered Emily on a mom blogging forum, and I was impressed with how nice and helpful she was to the other community members. That’s what led me to visit her blog.
  4. Emily’s little boy is about the cutest little thing I have ever seen, after my own son. Her little “Squish” is a chubby little guy, like mine. I love chubby babies! And she provides lots of pictures of his cuteness.
  5. Emily is a hero, married to a hero. Her husband is currently deployed and serving our country. Military families have to be some of the bravest around. I don’t know how she does it, but I thank her and her husband for the sacrifice they have made.

Please go visit Emily’s blog, Family and Life in Las Vegas, and tell her Mom for Less sent you!