If you’re like me, shopping online just doesn’t feel right unless you have a great promo code that will make your purchase even cheaper. I’ve even received praise from my boss for using coupon codes at work and landing our company free shipping or a great discount. The problem is, to get all the best coupon codes, you have to be on about a million email lists, or do some serious googling. Or so I thought.

Then came UltimateCoupons.com. They have been around for years (wish I had known!), and they are good at what they do. They have coupon codes for what seems like thousands of online retailers, and they are adding more all the time. You can search by product, brand, or category. They even provide with a direct link to the retailer you choose, while keeping open a window so you can see your codes.

I have been using UltimateCoupons.com for awhile now, and I have never had a problem with one of their codes not working. They are constantly updating their site with the freshest codes available. You can follow their blog and Twitter stream to stay current as well. Lately, they have been sharing all the best deals for back to school.

The next time you get ready to buy online, be sure to check out UltimateCoupons.com. Report back and let me know what kind of deals you get!