For the first year of my son’s life, we had no diaper rash issues. A little redness would show up, I’d apply some diaper cream, and the redness would pass. I considered myself lucky that my son didn’t have super sensitive skin, like some other kids I knew.
Right after his first birthday, he got a virus that lead to some loose stools and a horrible rash on his bottom that would get irritated every time he had a bowel movement. My regular diaper cream regiment was not cutting it anymore. I felt helpless as I changed his cracked and bleeding bottom while he screamed. I felt like a horrible mom.
In came Triple Paste to save the day. I love this stuff. It was like a miracle cure for my son’s diaper rash. After my baby had a BM, I put him in the bath and cleaned off his bottom. After the bath, I patted dry with a towel and then used a hair dryer (set on low) to dry his bottom off. I wanted to make sure I dried up all of the moisture. He didn’t love the hair dryer idea, but it wasn’t any worse than the screaming when I wiped his sore bottom with a baby wipe. Once his bottom was dry, I liberally applied Triple Paste, making a nice thick barrier. Then I put on his clean diaper. By morning, his skin looked 100 times better, and the Triple Paste protected him from further irritation.
Triple Paste isn’t cheap. A two ounce tube is around $10.00, and the one pound tub is around $30.00. But it absolutely does the job, every time. Triple Paste also comes with a guarantee; if it’s not the best diaper cream you have ever used, send them the cap for a full refund. It is definitely worth the investment. They even offer a Triple Paste Gift Basket for new moms. It’s a product I swear by.
Imagine my delight when I got a call from my best friend last week. Triple Paste was 75% off at our local CVS and did I want her to pick some up for me? OF COURSE I did! So now I have a supply of Triple Paste to hopefully last us through my son’s diaper years, as well as the new baby’s diaper years.

Full disclosure: I was not compensated in any way to write this blog post. I just love Triple Paste!