I have a confession to make.

My son is 15 months old, and he does not yet walk. He creeps, he pulls up, he will even stand for a couple of seconds, but he just isn’t walking yet.

Smiling Baby With New Teeth

It’s getting to be a bit of an issue. Not so much with his dad and me, but with everyone else we know.

“Is he walking yet?” No.

“Is there anything wrong?” The doctor says he is fine. He will do it when he is ready.

“Well, have you tried….?” Yes, I’ve tried some things. We walk around with me holding his hands, he pushes his push toys. But none of that is going to make him magically start walking.

Baby With Basketball

“He’s just stubborn.” Yeah, probably. He’s my kid, after all.

“My son walked when he was 9 months old.” Good for you. Do you want a cookie?

“He’s just lazy.” Obviously you have never spent an extended amount of time with my child.

“You carry him too much.” I am 7 months pregnant. I carry that boy as little as possible. But sometimes carrying him is necessary. I doubt I’d win any Good Mommy Awards for letting him crawl through the Target parking lot.

“You just need to….” No. I don’t need to do anything. He will do it when he’s ready.

Baby With Hat

“But he seems so smart!” He is so smart. He can say over 40 words. Walking and intelligence are not mutually exclusive.

“It’s because he’s such a big baby.” Well, do you blame him? I am huge right now, and I sure don’t feel like walking anywhere.

“Just make him do it.” Ok, how about this? You take him for an hour, and when I come back, I expect you to have made him walk. Let me know how that works out.

“Don’t worry about it. My son didn’t walk until he was 18 months old. He’ll do it when he’s ready.” I like you. You can be my friend.

I am officially done worrying about it. I am done trying to analyze the cause. I am done patiently listening to other people’s advice. I love my son, and in a few months, not walking will be a distant memory. In a few years, he will be running around the playground. In a few more, he will be driving.

Today I resolve to let my baby be a baby.