As a professional cheapskate, I love to save money, and I’m always looking for the best deal. But sometimes even us pros get burned when we skimp on quality to get a low price.

The drain in our shower backs up fairly frequently, due to my long hairs clogging up the works. Rather than shave my head, as my husband suggested, I buy drain opener every couple of months to flush out the system. On my last trip to Walmart, I decided to go with the bigger and cheaper bottle of DrainPro Gel, rather than my usual Liquid-Plumr or Drano.

Big mistake. It was supposed to take a fourth of the DrainPro bottle to open up my drain. I have ended up using the whole bottle and the shower is still not draining properly. The tub fills up above my ankles every time I take a shower. Gross. So tonight I have to pick up a bottle of the brand name drain opener anyway. In my attempt to save money, I ended up spending more.

Both Liquid-Plumr and Drano have a satisfaction guarantee, so the benefit of spending that extra dollar or two is that they are guaranteed to work or your money back. Don’t make the mistake I made. When it comes to a clogged drain, go with a brand you can trust.