We all have different reasons for blogging. Some of us do it for a release. For some of us, our blog is our business. For many of us mom bloggers, it’s a combination of the two.

I remember when I started freelancing, I took anything that came my way. That lead to lots of time invested into projects that barely paid out, if they paid at all. I learned the hard way that some jobs are just not worth it.

Self-Made Mom has a great blog post up today about Predatory PR.  I encourage anyone who does business through their blog in any way to read it, whether you advertise or host giveaways, or whatever. It’s great advice from a savvy mom who has worked in PR.

Just because you are a mom blogger, doesn’t mean your time isn’t valuable.  There ARE companies out there who will compensate you fairly for the time you devote to them. Don’t be swayed by a big name and miss out on the fact that you may be getting used and abused.