Today I signed up for an account. is kind of a combination discount store/home management system. You can order all kinds of personal care products, at supposedly great prices, with free shipping. Alice keeps track of the things you use the most, and lets you know when you might need to reorder. Alice also tracks your spending history and your “savings.”

I love the management side of Their budgeting tools seem really easy to use, and they are based on real data (assuming you use Alice to purchase all of your items). You can even compare your spending to other Alice users. However, I don’t see a big savings here. A pack of diapers costs almost a dollar more on Alice than it does at my local Target. Wipes were about 20 cents more, and I couldn’t buy in bulk. You also don’t have the option of generics on Alice, which is another way I love to save money. Cheap Tylenol is great, but Equate Brand Pain Reliever is just as good and even cheaper.

Overall, has a great money management system and a few good deals. The catch is that the money management system is only worth it if you buy all your products from Alice, which takes away from the deal factor. Might be useful for some, but not a great deal for me.