Homeschooling and God’s Grace

I’ve been writing a lot about our school experience lately, and I am super excited to share another post about how we do school in our home. Today you can find me featured at My Joy-Filled Life as I discuss the most important resource I use in

What I’m Reading {April 2015}

Everything I've been reading this month. What do you recommend?

Adios, Comfort Zone

A super Jesus-y post about how I got kicked out of my comfort zone.

It’s Planting Season! A Homeschool Lesson About Growing Food

Sponsored by Indiana’s Family of Farmers. It’s spring, and for many people that means planting flowers in the front yard, or even getting ready to plant a garden. In the spring farmers are planting as well, but the planting they are doing is a big part of

Why I Don’t Care if My Boys Play With Girl Stuff

My boys like princess stuff, and if you don't like it, you need to let it go. See what I did there?

April 2015 Intentions

It’s April! THANK. GOODNESS. I am so ready for warm weather and letting my kids run around outside until they pass out from exhaustion. Here’s how March shaped up: Go Grain- and Sugar-Free for the Month – I did it, y’all! And I lost ten pounds! Plus,