Mannheim Steamroller Brings Their Christmas Show to Indiana

If you’ve ever listened to Christmas music, chance are you’ve heard Mannheim Steamroller. Four of the best-selling Christmas albums of all time are from Mannheim Steamroller, with two of the going platinum six times (the other two only went platinum three and four times). The reason is

Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Presents Legends – It’s Legendary

My boys were suuuuuper excited to head to Banker’s Life Field House to see The Greatest Show on Earth, specifically Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents¬†Legends.     When a circus has the distinction of being called “The Greatest Show on Earth,” you go into it

7 Doc McStuffins Toys for Boys

My youngest loves the Disney Junior show Doc McStuffins. Like, a real and burning devotion to Doc, Hallie, Chilly, and Stuffy. But when I took him out to spend some birthday money last month, he had a hard time finding Doc McStuffins toys that weren’t specifically designed

3 Kid-Tested, Kid-Approved Toys Your Kids Will Love

I will be the first to admit that when I think about Christmas shopping for my boys, I never think of checking out The Children’s Museum Store at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. This is a pretty stupid move on my part, because each year they bring

Indianapolis Symphonic Choir Brings the Christmas Spirit With “Festival of Carols”

Today is Thanksgiving, and that means tomorrow everyone will officially be allowed to listen to Christmas music! And if you’re going to do Christmas music, you should do it right, don’t you think? Every year, the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir (the choral partner of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra)

What the #MillionMealMarathon Taught Me About My Kids

This post is sponsored by Indiana Soybean Alliance. One of the (selfish) reasons I love volunteering is that it always teaches me something. When I take the time to serve, I learn more about my community, about others, and even about myself. During my most recent volunteer