We All Scream for Ice Cream! A Homeschool Lesson About Ice Cream

Everyone loves ice cream, right? (If you don’t, I’ll take your portion.) Ice cream is a delicious summer treat, but it also has its roots in farming. In this months agriculture-based homeschool lesson, we will trace the origins of ice cream, from the cow to the freezer.

July 2015 Intentions

An update on how I did with my June goals, and what's up for July.

LeapFrog LeapBand Kids’ Activity Tracker

When I got a new activity tracker a few months ago, my kids became obsessed with it. They constantly asked how many steps I had, asked if they could wear it, and pushed me past my step goals (“Let’s try for 11,000 steps today, Mom!”). The logical

My Dairy Field Trip

All about my field trip to Prairie Farms and Kuehnert Dairy Farm, and what I've learned about how we get our milk.

Friday Giveaway: Salsa Me Krazy

Salsa Me Krazy is tasty salsa you won't want to share. I recommend hiding it from your family so you can keep it to yourself.

What I’m Reading {June 2015}

All the books I've read this month, and what I though about them. What are you reading?