Friday Giveaway: Autographed Books from Amanda Romine Lynch

Last year, I stayed up way too late the night before Easter reading Anabel Unraveled by Amanda Romine Lynch. I enjoyed the book so much, I creepy stalked Amanda and forced her to be my friend. Thankfully, Amanda was totally into it. We talk every day, and

Why We Chose Hybrid School

Trying to figure out what we would do for my five-year-old’s kindergarten year was one of the most stressful things I’ve been through as a mom. I knew that our local public school was not a good fit for us, and private school was not in our

Friday Giveaway: Perfectly Posh

I am not someone that is super into bath and beauty products. I hardly wear makeup, I prefer a hot shower to lounging in a bubble bath, and I don’t really want to smell super fruity or flowery. When my friend Angela introduced me to Perfectly Posh,

Why I Broke Up With My Keurig

A few weeks ago, we hit THREAT LEVEL MIDNIGHT in our house when my Keurig coffee maker stopped working. My poor dying coffee maker peed out a little trickle of hot water before dying completely. I frantically googled fixes and tried every solution I found, from cleaning

Friday Giveaway: Gadgets from AT&T

When I hear people talk about going to their cell provider’s brick-and-mortar store, it’s usually framed in annoyance: “My phone isn’t working,” or “There’s a problem with my bill,” or “I dropped my phone in the toilet.” I don’t know anyone who enjoys these trips, and I

Moms and Depression: When to Get Help

Sometimes, being a mom is hard. I often feel defeated, dejected, confused, and like I am the wrong woman for the job. I also find myself wondering, “Is this normal? Do other moms feel this way? What can I do?” I asked my friend Brooke Randolph, a