Preventing the Tragedy of Burnt Popcorn

Thanks to Pop Secret for sponsoring today’s burnt popcorn horror story. When I was a college dorm resident, there was no greater crime than burning popcorn. The smell stank up the whole floor, and it lingered for hours after the offense. It never failed that someone burned

Books | What I’m Reading {Summer 2014}

My reading pace has slowed a bit this summer, mainly because we’re spending more time outside playing. I usually bring a book along for our front yard adventures, but more often than not I’m breaking up fights or retrieving toys instead of reading. Nevertheless, I’ve managed to

Five on Friday | 5 Reasons I love Sundresses

Thank you to Gordmans for sponsoring today’s post! If you’ve seen me recently, you’ve probably seen me wearing a sundress. Sundresses are my go to in the summer; a great summer dress or maxi skirt is the perfect way to be comfortable and cute. And they’re so easy.

Life | You’re 5 Now

Dear Oldest Child, The day we’ve been counting down for months has come and gone, and now you are five. When I held you as a newborn, I don’t think I really believed that this day would come. Five sounds so old; I can’t call you a baby, toddler,

Five on Friday | 5 Smart Mom Tips for Dealing With Diapers

Thank you to Huggies for sponsoring today’s Five on Friday! Last December, we celebrated a big milestone in our home – no more diapers! My youngest finally started using the potty, and I am happy to save I haven’t changed a diaper in almost six months. Having

Health | It’s Just a Number (A Scale Review)

It’s time to talk about every woman’s favorite thing, weighing herself! I know, for most of us get queasy/annoyed/anxious about that number that pops up. I even know women who have sworn off the scale altogether. And I get it! Scales are tricky because that one number,