Hop On Pop! A Homeschool Lesson About Popcorn

Popcorn is delicious, but how is it different from regular corn? What makes it pop? Let's explore the science of popcorn!

10 Amazing Dip Recipes

These amazing dip recipes are super easy and super delicious!

Indianapolis Fantastic Food Fest Brings the Best in Eating and Drinking

Are you looking for an opportunity to sample the very best Indiana has to offer in food, wine, beer, and spirits? I mean, who isn’t right? What if all the tastiest things you could find were right under one roof? The Fantastic Food Fest is a foodie’s

Carmel Symphony Orchestra Brings Music to All Ages with Family Fun

Sponsored Post I’ve always been an “artsy-fartsy” kind of person. I love art, music, dance, and theatre, and when I had kids, I knew I wanted them exposed to all of these things at a young age. Even if my kids never take up an instrument or

5 Grinch Crafts for Christmas

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas is one of our favorite Christmas specials, and I love these Grinch crafts because they're fun, easy, and they keep my guys occupied for a little while. Which one is your favorite?

Baby, It’s Cold Outside! A Homeschool Lesson About Winter on the Farm

It’s winter! Nothing is growing in the ground, so life on the farm must slow down, right? In this homeschool lesson, we’ll explore what goes on in the winter on various types of farms. The lesson and activities below are most appropriate for preschool through 2nd grade,